Angus Karloff

A travelling Dwarf from the distant land of Tzarberia


Quirks/Flaws: Miserly, Seafood Allergy.

Talents: Swiftblade (throwing axe) Attack Bonus (throwing axe)


STR: 14/01

INT: 11/74

WIS: 8/20

DEX: 10/01

CON: 17/49

LKS: 8/66

CHA: 12/03

HON: 15 (To be updated).

HP: 29 Wounds: 7pt/2pt/2pt TOP: 9

DEF: +4 Armour: Leather & Shield (Med.)

Weapon: Throwing axe

Att.: +2 Speed: -2 Init: +5 Def.: +4 Damage: (d6p+d4p)+3

Weapon: Warhammer

Att.: +1 Speed: -1 Init: +5 Def.: +4 Damage: (2d6p)+3

Universal Skills: Intimidation: 32% Recruiting: 20% Rope Use: 29%

Other Skills: Mining: 21% Appraisal (armour & Weapons): 15% Gambling: 27% History (Ancient – pick a place/time and make one up): 17% Literacy (Dwarven): 26% Survival: 18%

Languages: Dwarven: 68% Merchant Tongue: 31%

Valued Possessions: Pie (soon to be eaten). 4x throwing axes 22sp, 4cp.


Angus Karloff was born to a poor but well-respected family in the Tzarberian village of Usulgrad. His mother was a respected midwife and teacher who helped the village maintain its sense of identity through her historical teachings, his father a travelling carnival man who had settled in Usulgrad to marry.

Angus grew up learning academics from his mother and the physical skills of his father – woodsmanship, rope use and especially the fine art of the throwing axe – his father’s specialty performance in the travelling show.

Because of his education and natural intelligence, Angus became something of a youth leader in the village. Indeed, he excelled in all areas except one – kindness. He was stingy and tried above all else to avoid spending a cent. This greatly confused his kindly parents, who were loving and giving, but they didn’t know of Angus’ friendship with a passing vagrant, Elvis “The Kid” Aquapedextrous, during his formative years. At the age of 12, “The Kid” taught Angus how to gamble – and took him for all he had. Angus vowed never to be taken in again, but his youthful naivety resulted in him going too far.

Fearing for their son, the Karloffs decided some tough love was needed and told Angus that he must leave home at the age of 50 and journey to seek his fortune. This did not agree with Angus’ plan of living at home until he inherited the place, but fate is a cruel mistress and on his 50th birthday he took his father’s lucky axes and journeyed out into the world.

He soon found that Usulgrad, indeed all of Tzarberia, was very very far away from everything else in the world. After a 2 year journey, living off the land, he has made it to the fabled land of Plethria, where he hopes to find his fortune as quickly as possible so that he can return home and retire…

Angus Karloff

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