Hack Master Basic Sydney

Session 1

The introductory session for everyone to get used to HMB. Our fine adventurers meet in a small town within the borders of Plethria. While the town originally had a real name, it took on the moniker ‘Sheriff Town’, since the party was soon to accept a job by the sheriff to take out some local bandits.

The main plot hook here was that a trade caravan was meant to arrive tomorrow, and the caravans had been attacked along a particular stretch of land between the trade town (Braxdale) and the aptly named “Sheriff Town.” While the merchants were in good spirits about this, since they were traveling with guards, the sheriff wasn’t convinced and hired the party to investigate.

Funnily enough, they found the caravan 6 hours out of town, ransacked and surrounded by dead guards.

They followed the bandits tracks off the trail, through the forest to a cave where they fought and killed the bandits, returning to town for their reward.

See the full notes here (coming soon).

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