Cats Eye

Campaign: Hackmaster Basic Sydney

Author: Benj

Name: Billiam Honey, AKA Cat’s eye

Race: Human

Level: 2

History/Background: Billiam Honey was a fool. His father had been a city guard. His father before him had been a city guard. For generations it was the family trade to walk the cobbles of the venerable city of Murgach, shielding its citizens against the ills of the night. And so it was that upon his fifteenth Birthday Billiam was escorted to the guardhouse, bundled into the leather cap and surcoat of a guardsman, then presented to the Baron, who did little more than nod before Billiam was escorted back to the street for his first day on the job.

Years past and Billiam grew into his ill-fitting surcoat, but he never truly grew into his ill-fitting job. His was never so canny an eye at spotting trouble before it happened, never too keen a nose to sniff out crime, as both were so often tucked inside whatever books were to be had. He was a clever lad, but never a smart one. Which makes it little surprise that, after the break-up of a smuggling ring led, Billiam took a fancy to the small stash of exotic books and scrolls that he found among their possessions.

Much of what he discovered within required lengthy deciphering, shrouded as it was in cypher and riddle. Far from dampening his interest, this spurred Guardsman Honey on, costing him much sleep (if never meals) to nights spend unwinding the skein of the mysteries within. On book in particular which he privately dubbed the Seared Tome held Billiam’s interest the strongest. The more he uncovered between its scorched pages, the more enigmatic its content; the more patrols he cried off, the more it was apparent that his true desire was to understand what lay within it, for it held the keys to knowledge he’d never known. The secrets to magics beyond all he’d heard in lore and legend.

But, as you’ll recall, Billiam Honey was a fool. He strove to fly before his first wobbling steps and it all came crashing down. He learnt why the book was as it was, for his face, his comrades, his family, his life burned. As he tried to master the dweomers and enchantments he had uncovered within its blackened and peeling bindings, the guardtower was consumed in flame. As a price? As a punishment? As unholy praise? Billiam didn’t know.

But I know.

He could only flee. Flee from discovery of his deeds, from the shame of the doom of what seemed his whole world. He could not see that, with all ashes behind him, he was free from that world that held him in chains of tradition. Traditions must be strong for them to make us strong, but they must also be broken from time to time, that we may forge traditions new, to make us stronger than ever.

But I – with my Cat’s Eye – I can see.


STR: 11/23
INT: 15/61
WIS: 8/61
DEX: 11/42
CON: 8/30
LKS: 6/34
CHA: 8/13
HON: 10 (to be updated)


HP: 22
TOP: 6
Wounds: None

Weapons and Armor

Attack: +1
Speed: 18(12)
Init: +5
Defense: +0

Damage: 2d10p

Thick Robes:
DR: 1


Quirks/Flaws: Nosy, Prematurely Gray, Glutton
Talents: None

Universal Skills

-Cartography: 24%
-Diplomacy: 17%
-Fire Building: 28%
-Listening: 18%
-Reading Lips: 31%
-Resist Persuasion: 16%

Other Skills

-Arcane Lore: 29%
-First Aid: 16%
-Riddling: 41%

Other Info

-Fyrfaddah: 114%
-Merchant Tongue: 52%

Valued Possessions
Donkey – ‘Doomboy’
Mysterious Scroll Case
Scroll Magic Projectile
Scroll Sense Magical Aura
Silver Candle Holder

Cats Eye

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